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Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

Have you been obsessing over an issue or experiencing a lack of focus?

Do you feel like you are out of balance in your life?

Do you find yourself lashing out in anger at your loved ones?

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My name is Sydney Bergen

I am a certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator,
and I've been there, watching myself sabotage my life and not understanding why I continue with self destructive behaviors.

Emotional clearing is a deep relaxation process that connects you with your subconscious to release negative energies that have been stored there. The premise of Emotional Clearing is that the cause of dysfunction, depression, mental disorders and self-limiting patterns of behavior is the containment of an unconscious defense against unreleased emotional energy in the body.

Emotions are energy in motion, but when we suppress them they become stagnant and they start to attract negative events and difficult relationships to us and can even manifest as physical disease in our bodies. In the process of emotional clearing we are experiencing difficult emotions from a passive state rather than expressing them.


In other words, we remain present with the unpleasant

There are four steps in the Emotional Clearing process:


If you are ready to let life happen FOR you,

and stop letting it happen to you, enter your email here to get started:



for a six-series

 ◆ The sessions are 60 minutes on Zoom for six consecutive weeks ◆

 ◆ All you need to do is show up open to the experience, there is no preparation needed ◆

 ◆ Trust in the process, it will guide you directly to what you need to uncover ◆​

I can personally guarantee that with emotional clearing you are going to feel peaceful and fulfilled,

be empowered and confident in your life choices and attract positive and loving relationships to you.



"Emotional Clearing has been an important part of my journey and will continue to be as I grow and navigate events and dramas that create blocks in my flow of energy. I came into the session open, ready to accept whatever would happen, but initially fearful that I was not going to be able to “do it”. However, with Sydney as your facilitator you could not be in better hands. Sydney is a beautiful soul who has an instant calming effect. Sydney is gentle in guiding you through each step of the process, I felt safe and had complete trust. Sydney doesn’t judge, she just helps you to dive deep and move energies that are in your way. Each session was very emotional for me, and it didn’t take long to really dig into the areas that needed help. My favorite part of any session was being able to go to my safe place, a practice I use often, almost daily. Combined with intentional breathing, that safe place is honestly the once place I can go to quickly ground myself. If you are considering a session or a series of sessions, I would highly recommend Sydney as your facilitator."

- Chris Heckman, Founder of SockySock

- Stephen Beeby

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